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  1. Registry Name Laura Juusela Art customer and marketing registry.

  2. Registry Keeper and Contact Person for Registry Matters IloistaVirtaa Business ID: 2377453-5 Hallainvuorentie 19 G 24 Laura Juusela Phone: 050-5466078

  3. Use of Personal Information When you purchase Laura Juusela Art paintings, schedule an appointment, or contact us through other means, you give our company permission to use your personal information for order processing, appointment scheduling, and providing personalized services. We need your name and the delivery address for order shipment. Your email address is required for sending order and delivery confirmations and contacting you if necessary regarding your order or if you have subscribed to our newsletter. Your phone number ensures the delivery notifications from Posti or other necessary contacts regarding orders or changes in appointment times. Your information may also be processed for customer relationship development, improving customer service, website development, and product marketing.

  4. Information to be Registered As a user/customer/subscriber, the following information may be collected:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email address

  • Customer relationship maintenance information: billing and payment details, address details, order details, comments related to orders, customer feedback, contacts, contest and competition responses, cancellation information

  • For business customers: in addition to the above, company name and business ID

  • Website user's email messages

  • Website user's permissions and consents

  • User's usage data, such as clicking on links, pages or posts visited, and the timing of actions.

  1. Regular Sources of Information Personal data is obtained when the user places an order for Laura Juusela Art products, registers on the online store, subscribes to the newsletter on the website or through a separate form, schedules an appointment, or contacts through other means, updates their own information, participates in contests, draws, or feedback surveys. Information is also obtained through cookies or similar technologies. We use cookies on our site as they are essential for the functionality of our online store. You can delete or block cookies from your browser settings at any time.

  2. Transfer of Personal Data Information collected in the registries is not disclosed to entities outside the company for marketing, sales, opinion, or market research purposes. However, personal data may be disclosed to authorities in accordance with Finnish laws upon request. The registry is stored in a data system, protected and located in a way that prevents unauthorized access.

We share your information with third-party service providers such as the online store, cloud service providers, administrators of our order processing system (ERP), payment processors (Paytrail Oyj), and shipment handlers (Posti Group Oyj). These providers facilitate the operation of our online store and order processing. We send our newsletters using the Mailchimp software. Users who have joined the email list can remove their information from the registry at any time through the "Unsubscribe" link mentioned in each email.

  1. Transfer of Data and Data Transfer Outside the EU or European Economic Area Information is only disclosed to third parties based on legal reporting obligations, such as at the customer's request or at the request of the authorities based on the law. The data of users on the email list (first name, last name, and email address) is transferred to a software called Mailchimp, located outside the EU or European Economic Area, which is committed to GDPR requirements. Read the Mailchimp privacy policy [here](Mailchimp privacy policy (ENG)).

  2. Principles of Registry Protection Personal data is kept confidential. The information in the registry is only accessible to IloistaVirtaa and the third parties necessary for providing the service. The system operates on servers external to the service provider, accessible only to technical maintenance personnel. The network and hardware where the registry is located are protected by a firewall and other necessary technical measures. Data is regularly backed up in case of disruptions.

Registered individuals have the right to inspect the information stored about them in the personal registry. To exercise this right, the individual should contact the specified contact person. Individuals also have the right to demand correction of incorrect information in the registry. For correction requests, the individual must contact the specified contact person and specify the error and the information to be corrected.

  1. Other Rights of Registered Individuals Registered individuals have the right to prohibit the use of their information for purposes defined by law. Such a prohibition can be given at any time to the contact person mentioned above. Information that cannot be deleted includes transactional data needed, for example, for accounting purposes.


Copyright Info

All the art and images of the art is considered copyright protected from “the moment it was created”. No re-production, printing or commercial usage of the images and other content is allowed unless specifically permitted by the artist.

Commercial usage that is not allowed in any form could consists mediums such as T-shirts, coffee mugs, shoes, bags, skateboards, or similar types of mass-produced merchandise that have the potential to be salable across wide ranges of the public.

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